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As Americans, we are afforded certain protections and privileges of civil liberty according to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Our civil rights include freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom from discrimination, and the right to a humane, reasonably executed arrest when a police officer has probable cause to make such arrest.

If you have reason to believe your civil rights were violated, contact an Oklahoma civil rights lawyer at the law offices of Brewster & De Angelis.

We are prepared to bring wrongful death lawsuits regarding wrongdoing on the part of police that led to the loss of your loved one's life through the unnecessary use of force. If you believe you were wrongfully put in jail, or that you were arrested as a result of racial profiling or other forms of law enforcement misconduct, the trial attorneys of Brewster & De Angelis are interested in hearing your story.

We aggressively defend our clients when they have experienced ill effects such as catastrophic injuries as a result of police misconduct. We hold law enforcement agencies responsible for wrongful convictions, wrongful imprisonment, or other violations of our clients' personal civil liberties.

To discuss your injuries and losses caused by possible civil rights violations, contact a civil rights attorney at Brewster & De Angelis.

Civil Rights Attorneys:
Clark O. Brewster
Guy A. Fortney
Montgomery L. Lair