Criminal Defense Lawyers

High-profile criminal defense cases require a focused, unflappable legal team. The intense scrutiny of the media and public sentiment must not be allowed to cloud the primacy of the fundamental constitutional rights of the accused. To schedule a prompt consultation with an experienced defense attorney, contact the Tulsa law offices of Brewster & De Angelis.

Speak to an experienced Tulsa criminal defense attorney about your case today by calling 918-528-4259 or toll free at 888-398-5628. You may also contact our firm online and a member of our team will reach out shortly to discuss your situation.

Knowledgeable and Effective Criminal Defense Representation

Oklahoma criminal law attorneys Clark O. Brewsterare among the best known criminal lawyers in the state. We choose to represent those who are in danger of being crushed by "the system." We defend their right to due process that is afforded to all citizens by our Constitution. We have handled some of the most publicized criminal defense cases in Tulsa and beyond.

Our criminal defense clients have faced overwhelming odds as they were investigated or faced arrest for homicide, murder, rape (including date rape), burglary, assault and battery, financial abuse, white collar crime (securities fraud, fraud, insider trading, embezzlement), drug crimes (drug possession, trafficking, manufacturing, distribution, and sales), acts of terror, or another offense.

Standing Up For Your Rights

We are versatile, relentless and intensely focused on defending our clients' rights through the course of every case involving any type of misdemeanor or felony charge. We pursue complex and demanding criminal cases with a determination to do right by our clients at all costs in cases involving:

  • Theft or shoplifting
  • Violent crimes, including murder, manslaughter or assault
  • Sex crimes, including rape, sexual assault or prostitution
  • Fraud
  • Internet crimes
  • White collar crimes
  • Any other misdemeanor or felony charge

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To learn about some of the outstanding resolutions that our attorneys have achieved, contact an Oklahoma criminal law attorney at Brewster & De Angelis. Let us intervene on your behalf as early as possible.

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