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Many companies in Tulsa, Oklahoma and in northeastern Oklahoma turn to the law firm of Brewster & De Angelis for complex civil litigation support. Individuals with complicated civil matters also seek us out. Contact Brewster & De Angelis through this Web site to schedule a consultation regarding your complex civil matter, whether you have a business or have an individual matter, or whether you are plaintiff or defendant.

Complex civil litigation often requires intense scrutiny of thousands of documents, pleadings, and filings.

Securities litigation is very intensive. Stakes run high when investors believe they have been misled as to the viability of a company, or when competing businesses are engaged in a dispute over disclosure or exploitation of trade secrets.

When the Tulsa, Oklahoma, civil litigation lawyers at Brewster & De Angelis go to trial, the entire firm becomes involved in our clients' cases. Our size and our team approach offer many benefits to our clients. We have more intellectual resources at hand than a solo practitioner attorney does, yet greater flexibility and personal awareness of individuals than one might find at a large law firm.

The depth of our experience and our appreciation for innovation offer our clients cutting-edge legal advocacy in the context of complex civil litigation.

We do not hesitate to use technology to give our legal work efficiency and thoroughness, such as high-speed scanner software that converts input into hard-copy trial documents. Our understanding of juries' needs in the fast-paced information era that we live in allows us to communicate key facts to them clearly and persuasively.

To discuss your business's trade secrets case, competition issues or other needs with an experienced civil litigation law firm, or if you seek compensation after being wrongfully accused, jailed or convicted, contact our Tulsa law offices. We pledge to respond promptly to your inquiry.

Complex Civil Litigation Attorneys:
Clark O. Brewster
Jennifer L. De Angelis
Guy A. Fortney
Montgomery L. Lair