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At Brewster & De Angelis, our team has a reputation for excellence in complex business litigation. Our cases have included securities litigation, trade secrets cases, contract disputes, competition issues, and partnership disputes.

When contractual or non-compete disagreements result in lost profits or threaten the continuity of healthy business operations, we take the risk of that instability as seriously as our clients do. Companies making two to three million dollars annually have a great deal to lose when business deals go sour, or when unjust lawsuits drain their resources.

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Brewster & De Angelis - Areas of Expertise in Business Litigation

The following are examples of the types of business cases we have litigated, but not an exhaustive list:

  • Securities Litigation - These cases often result in high damage awards and require highly skilled, specialized representation. From federal to state law violations, we can handle the complicated details with ease.
  • Trade Secrets Cases - There are a few different ways someone can violate trade secret laws. These include breaking noncompete agreements, sharing confidential passwords, and improperly obtaining trade secrets. We can help define what a trade secret is and pinpoint the wrongful actions involved.
  • Contract Disputes - Even with the most carefully written contracts, there can be disagreements over the interpretation. Leave the details to the trained eyes of our attorneys.
  • Competition Issues - Competition issues can take the form of actions from other businesses as well as former and current employees. False advertising, abuse of confidential information, and false representation of products and services can all fall under the umbrella of competition issues.
  • Partnership Disputes - We're here for you when partnerships turn sour to help you cleanly resolve all issues.

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Hear From Our Past Clients
  • Mr. Mwafulirwa has an ability to communicate both orally and through the written word in a manner that sets him apart from others in the practice. In addition, his analytical capabilities are unmatched.

    - Attorney
  • From personal experience as an adversary, I know Mbilike to be a person of the highest character and integrity and an exceptional role model in the civic and legal communities.

    - Opposing Attorney
  • He is most ethical; always prepared; very professional; has a complete understanding of the facts and the applicable law in cases, and is very effective and persuasive. He is an outstanding litigator.

    - Judge
  • I have opposed Guy on several cases through the years and have always found him to be not only a formidable opponent, but also very ethical, professional, and easy to work with.

    - Attorney
  • Mr. Lair is a former colleague of mine. He is an excellent lawyer and of the highest moral character.

    - Attorney

What Sets Brewster & De Angelis Apart?

  • Available & Responsive

    The attorneys at Brewster & De Angelis are always available to provide you with updates and answer questions regarding your case. At the end of the day, we work for you and pride ourselves on being available regardless of the situation.

  • Focused On Your Best Interests

    When going through a legal matter, things can seem scary and uncontrollable. Our team works to refine the legal process in order to ensure you not only understand exactly what is going on, but also that your goals and interests are taken into account with every decision.

  • Collaborative Legal Strategies

    Unlike other law firms, we handle a small number of cases so that our team can focus on getting you results. When it is time to get ready for trial, you can be assured that our full team of litigators has convened to get you the best possible outcome.

  • Dedicated & Trusted Counsel

    At Brewster & De Angelis we have the top litigators in Tulsa, Oklahoma and we have been serving our community for over forty years, giving us the tools and knowledge to aggressively and effectively handle your case.

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