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If you were injured due to the careless, reckless, or wrongful conduct of another, you could be entitled to financial compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, and other damages. Whether you were injured on US-169, I-244, or any major roadway in Tulsa, It is important that you contact an experienced personal injury attorney, as these cases can be complex. As the person bringing the claim (known as the “plaintiff”), you also have the burden of proof. This means you are the one responsible for proving your case—and the party against whom you are bringing your claim (the “defendant”) is likely to fight back.

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At Brewster & De Angelis, we have been representing individuals and families throughout Oklahoma since 1983, providing highly personalized legal services tailored to each client’s unique situation. We limit the overall number of cases we accept in order to better provide our clients with the attentive and focused representation they deserve. As your legal team, we will be there to guide you through the recovery process, advocating for you at every turn. We are committed to securing the maximum compensation you are owed, even if that means taking your case to trial.

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What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Handle?

Oklahoma personal injury attorneys are a critical source of legal help for people who have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligent or wrongful conduct. These lawyers provide invaluable advice and representation to their clients, helping them navigate the complex process of filing a personal injury claim and fighting for fair compensation. They understand that an accident can leave victims with significant physical, emotional, and financial losses – and they strive to ensure that their clients receive the full amount they deserve after suffering an injury. Whether it is negotiating with insurance companies or taking your case to court, experienced personal injury attorneys in Tulsa will fight hard on your behalf every step of the way.

Other services often provided by a personal injury attorney in Oklahoma may include:

  • Investigating and analyzing the facts of a case
  • Screening potential claims to determine if they are likely to result in successful outcomes
  • Assessing damages suffered by an injury victim, including current and future losses related to medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement or scarring
  • Identifying who is responsible for causing an injury under Oklahoma liability laws
  • Documenting all evidence related to a personal injury claim, such as police reports and witness statements
  • Negotiating with insurance companies on behalf of clients for fair settlements that cover all damages incurred as a result of an accident
  • Representing clients in court proceedings when necessary
  • Filing paperwork necessary for the court’s consideration of a claim at trial or settlement hearings
  • Appealing any unfavorable rulings from courts during litigation
  • Advising clients about their rights throughout the legal process

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling all types of personal injury claims. We have successfully represented clients in complex and high-profile cases, securing the settlements or verdicts they needed to heal and move forward with their lives.

Our personal injury practice includes cases involving:

Whether you were injured in a serious head-on collision, suffered catastrophic injuries after an explosion on a construction site, or slipped and fell due to dangerous conditions on someone else’s property, our team is here to fight for the full and fair compensation you are owed.

Our team also handles a wide range of medical malpractice matters, including claims involving birth injuries, diagnostic errors, hospital liability, medication errors, pharmaceutical liability, surgical errors, and more. If you believe you or your loved one was harmed due to a preventable medical error or a medical provider’s misconduct, contact Brewster & De Angelis right away.

When Should You Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after an accident is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your legal rights and maximize your chances of recovering the compensation you deserve. An attorney can begin collecting evidence, such as police reports and medical records, to support your case and develop a strategic plan for pursuing damages. It's also important to ensure that claims are filed before any applicable deadlines. Additionally, an attorney can help with obtaining witness testimony while memories are still fresh and untainted by time. An attorney will have the resources and knowledge necessary to build a strong case on your behalf, securing the compensation you need for medical expenses, lost wages, pain, suffering, and more.

Personal Injury claims can be complex and time-consuming, so seeking legal counsel is the best way to ensure your interests are protected. To discuss the facts of your case, contact Brewster & De Angelis today for a free consultation with one of our experienced personal injury lawyers in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We will review the details of your claim during an initial free consultation, advise you on your rights and options, and help you determine how to proceed with your case.

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When Should You File a Personal Injury Claim?

It is always a good idea to file a personal injury claim if you were injured and/or suffered significant damages that have impacted your life. However, before you file a claim, there are some things you should know.

First, you only have grounds for a personal injury claim or lawsuit if you can prove the following:

  • You were injured and suffered measurable economic and/or non-economic damages, such as medical care costs, lost income, or pain and suffering
  • The defendant had a legal responsibility to take reasonable measures to prevent foreseeable harm (duty of care) or was strictly liable for injuries
  • The defendant acted negligently, wrongfully, or intentionally or was liable by default (i.e., due to strict liability laws)
  • The defendant’s negligent, wrongful, or intentional conduct was the direct or proximate cause of your injuries, or the defendant is liable under strict liability

What is the Tulsa Personal Injury Statute of Limitations?

The statute of limitations for most personal injury cases in Oklahoma is two years from the date of the injury. Meaning injured parties have two years to file a lawsuit against the person or entity responsible for their injuries. The statute of limitations can be found in Oklahoma Statutes section 12-95.

    Damages in Personal Injury Cases

    When someone is unexpectedly injured, they don’t just suffer physically. A serious injury can lead to considerable emotional and financial hardship, as well. Victims may need extensive medical attention and ongoing treatments, they may be unable to work for weeks or months, and they may even face lifelong challenges and impairments as a result of their injuries. By filing a personal injury claim, you can seek fair financial compensation for these and other losses.

    The physical, emotional, and financial losses you suffer as a result of an injury are collectively known as “damages.” Economic damages are those with a specific monetary value, such as medical bills. Non-economic damages, on the other hand, are more intangible in nature.

    Some examples of both economic and non-economic damages you may be able to recover in your personal injury case include:

    • Emergency medical care
    • Hospital/ambulance fees
    • Ongoing and future medical expenses
    • Prescription medications
    • Medical equipment/devices
    • Lost income/wages
    • Loss of future earnings
    • Pain and suffering
    • Emotional distress
    • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
    • Therapy/counseling
    • Lost earning capacity
    • Costs associated with home modifications
    • In-home assistance/care

    Does Oklahoma Have a Limit on Recovery Amounts?

    It is important to note that Oklahoma caps, or limits, the amount you can recover in non-economic damages. Since 2011, you may not recover more than $350,000 in non-economic damages in a personal injury or medical malpractice case. This cap only applies to non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, and does not affect your recovery for economic damages, like medical bills or lost wages.

    At Brewster & De Angelis, our Tulsa personal injury lawyers strive to maximize each of our client’s recoveries. We know how important it is that you receive full compensation for your damages so that you can begin to move forward with your life.

    How Do You Find the Right Oklahoma Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Case?

    Finding the right personal injury attorney is crucial for the outcome of your case. The appropriate injury lawyer in Tulsa will not only understand the complexities of the law but will also be compassionate toward your situation. Their expertise and negotiation skills could significantly affect the compensation you might receive. To ensure you select the best Oklahoma injury lawyer for your lawsuit, consider taking the following steps:

    1. Conduct Thorough Research: Start by searching online for an injury lawyer with top ratings and positive reviews. Look for testimonials on their website and review sites.
    2. Check for Experience: Ensure the lawyer knows personal injury law and has a strong track record in handling cases similar to yours.
    3. Schedule Consultations: Most personal injury lawyers offer free initial consultations. Use this as an opportunity to gauge their expertise and to discuss your case.
    4. Inquire About Their Strategy: Ask how they plan to approach your case and what their strategy will be for securing the maximum compensation.
    5. Evaluate Their Communication Skills: It's crucial that you feel comfortable communicating with your lawyer. Evaluate how well the attorney listens to you and if they explain legal terms and processes clearly.
    6. Review Their Fee Structure: Understand how the attorney charges fees. Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning they only get paid if you win.
    7. Ask About Their Case Load: Ensure the lawyer has the time to give your case the attention it deserves.
    8. Seek Recommendations: Word of mouth can be powerful. Ask friends, family, or other attorneys for recommendations.
    9. Trust Your Gut: After you’ve done your research and met with potential attorneys, trust your instincts in choosing the lawyer that feels right for you.

    By following these steps, you will be in a better position to find the injury lawyer in Tulsa who is best suited to handle your case and help you achieve the compensation you deserve.

    How Can a Tulsa Personal Injury Attorney Help Me?

    • Support through your situation
    • Investigate the accident
    • Help build your case
    • Work the insurance company
    • Help prepare for court if necessary

    Learn How Our Tulsa Personal Injury Team Can Help You Get Back on Your Feet

    If you were involved in a serious accident or lost someone you love due to the negligent or wrongful conduct of another, we encourage you to reach out to Brewster & De Angelis as soon as possible. Our knowledgeable attorneys can provide the guidance, answers, and information you need to move forward in the legal system.

    As your legal team, we will be beside you every step of the way. Our attorneys have decades of experience and follow a collaborative approach to building and litigating cases. This means that every one of our clients gets the full resources, experience, and skill of our entire team.

    We offer our legal services on a contingency fee basis, so there are no upfront or out-of-pocket costs for you when you hire Brewster & De Angelis. Instead, our attorneys’ fees are paid via a percentage of your total recovery. In other words, if we do not secure a settlement or verdict on your behalf, you do not pay a dime.

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